above:  MES DC MIXER late 2015. left: NACE DC '80s GALA Feb. 2016.

Meet R.S.V.P.

Robin Steve Viki Peter

Based in the Washington DC area, these four experienced, versatile and reliable entertainers are wowing audiences weekly, both as R.S.V.P. and with their own projects. Whether it be The Phillips Collection, Air & Space Museum, The Swedish Embassy, Alexandria Yacht Club or The Tally Ho, these international performers offer simply THE BEST, from Pop, Disco, Rock, Jazz and Blues to Country, Soul and Rock 'n Roll.

R.S.V.P. come together in affordable combinations of two to seven piece, to present over 500 songs in a repertoire spanning the Best music from the '50s to today, from ABBA to ZZ Top.

And unique to R.S.V.P., a customized playlist for your wedding, party, function or event! YOU choose your favorites! Feel free to ask your guests to 'RSVP' on your wedding invitations with THEIR favorite song... R.S.V.P. guarantee to include a selection of songs CHOSEN BY YOUR GUESTS.

Peter from RSVP is an international TV and music producer, (BBC, National Geographic, TVNZ) who will meet with you to customize your requirements to ensure your musical experience will be the best ever...


Robin  Steve  Viki  Peter‚Äč